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A pulmonary function test (PFT) is a specialized test that measures the force with which you inhale and exhale. At Sirven & Associates Allergy and Asthma Center, specialist Viviana Sirven, MD, and her team perform PFTs to precisely evaluate your respiratory system. With this information, Dr. Sirven can diagnose conditions like asthma and determine what kind of treatment you need. Book your appointment by calling the Miami, Florida, office, or click the online scheduling tool around the clock.

Pulmonary Function Testing

What is a pulmonary function test (PFT)?

A pulmonary function test is a computer-designed test that gauges the amount of air that you inhale and exhale. Dr. Sirven often performs this test on-site at Sirven & Associates Allergy and Asthma Center when patients have respiratory symptoms. Some common reasons to undergo this test include:

  • Diagnosing asthma or other lung diseases
  • Determining the cause of breathing problems
  • Evaluating lung function prior to surgery
  • Evaluating current treatment effectiveness

A PFT may be just one of the diagnostic tests you need, depending on your symptoms and circumstances.

What does a PFT consist of?

In a PFT, you breathe in and out as directed by Dr. Sirven. Some breathing tests simply require ordinary breathing, while others require you to exhale or inhale with as much force as you can. There are three particularly important lung function tests: 

Forced vital capacity

The forced vital capacity test checks the full amount of air in your lungs. This test is measured in liters.

Forced expiratory volume

The forced expiratory volume test checks how much air you can push out of your lungs in the first second that you exhale. For those who have asthma, the volume is usually lower.

Forced expiratory flow

The forced expiratory flow test, also known as FEF 25-75, checks how much air you have in your bronchioles, the small air passages in your lungs. As with the forced expiratory volume test, this measurement is generally reduced if you have asthma. 

Your PFT may include other measurements, but the three tests above are the most vital in determining your condition and helping Dr. Sirven design a treatment plan for you.

How do I get ready for a PFT?

Dr. Sirven gives you specific instructions ahead of time. This may include not smoking before the test and eating only a light meal beforehand. You may also need to temporarily stop using medication, especially inhaled medicines, before your test. 

What do my PFT results mean?

Dr. Sirven explains your results, which are typically expressed as percentages. The normal values vary according to your age, sex, race, and height. Generally, if your lung function is less than 80% of the normal value, the test is considered abnormal and could signal lung disease.

If your test results show restricted airflow, Dr. Sirven may prescribe treatment at that time. Information from your PFT is a great tool for planning your recovery. 

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